5 reasons why your electricity trips

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What a drag when the circuit breaker trips, cutting off electricity supply and leaving you in total darkness. (Rawpixel pic)

It’s movie night and the whole family’s gathered around the television, lost in the film they’re watching. In the kitchen, yet another pack of popcorn is being rustled up in the microwave oven and the coffeemaker was just switched on when… there’s a blackout.

What a spoiler! It is highly inconvenient when a circuit breaker trips and shuts off the electricity supply, leaving your home in total darkness.

But before you lose your cool, here are some of the reasons why the circuit breaker can trip and what you can do to prevent it from happening time and again.

1. Faulty electrical appliances

Sometimes even your toaster could have internal damage and cause the circuit breaker to trip. (Rawpixel pic)

Extensive use of your appliances over time causes wear and tear. Your oven, electric kettle or fridge could have internal damage you are unaware of and cause the safety switch to trip.

To identify faulty appliances, plug in each appliance one by one and see if it trips the switch, or, if you need more help, get a professional to diagnose your problem.

2. Overloaded circuits

Overloaded circuits are the most common reason for electrical tripping. (Rawpixel pic)

Overloaded circuits are the most common reason for electrical tripping. If you have too many appliances or light fixtures operating at the same time, the internal electrical system will sense this and the circuit breaker heats up and trips.

Therefore, you should use high-power appliances, such as a hairdryer or refrigerator, on a single plug point to prevent overheating of the circuit.

3. Faulty electrical wiring

Faulty electrical wiring is common in older homes and should be replace by a professional electrician.

Generally, faulty electrical wiring is common in older homes, which are wired with cables insulated with black rubber. The insulation becomes fragile and unsafe over time.

The only solution is to replace the electrical wiring, which needs to be done by an experienced electrician.

4. Short circuit

A short circuit is the most serious reason for the circuit breaker to trip.

A short circuit is the most serious reason for the circuit breaker to trip. It is caused by one wire touching another, either in the wiring of a home or in an appliance.

It can be difficult to diagnose and fix a short circuit, so, you should call in a professional electrician who knows what he’s doing.

5. Rain and lighting

A short circuit is the most serious reaso (Rawpixel pic)

Rain and severe weather can cause your electricity to trip. This occurs when excessive water seeps in behind electrical items such as outside light fittings. It is advisable to call in an electrician to check your electricity periodically to avoid such dangerous situations.

Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous if not done properly, so always hire a professional and do not attempt at fixing things yourself.

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