3 things that reduce the effectiveness of air conditioning

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Not cleaning the filters regularly can reduce the efficiency of the unit (Pixabay pic)

In this climate, air conditioning can help people sleep better and generally improve the comfort of life.

But improperly maintained air conditioners and incorrect usage can reduce their efficiency.

Here are three reasons your air-conditioning units may not be working at peak efficiency.

1. Not cleaning filters regularly

Ideally, the air conditioner’s filter should be cleaned at least once in three months. Otherwise, layers of dirt, dust and grime will build up, preventing the unit from functioning properly. A dirty filter can cause poor airflow or the freezing up of the evaporator coil, a heat pump that absorbs the heat from the air in your home.

Regular chemical cleaning by an expert is also advised to keep the air conditioner functioning efficiently.

2. Incorrect positioning

Placing the unit in the sun makes it work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. (Rawpixel pic)

The location of the air conditioning unit impacts its energy efficiency. If it is placed in direct sunlight, the system will be forced to work harder to cool the room as sunshine creates heat.

Even lamps and other appliances that create heat can affect the efficiency of the unit.

It is advisable to call in an expert to help choose a suitable spot to place the air conditioning unit for maximum efficiency.

Reducing the use of certain indoor appliances that emanate heat, such as table-top steamers, would also help.

3. Letting outside air in

Open doors or windows reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. (Rawpixel pic)

Leaving windows or doors open while the air conditioning is running reduces operating efficiency and can damage the system’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Allowing hot air into the home means the air conditioner must work that much harder to reduce the humidity and keep the home comfortably cool.

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