Creating the space in your home for a happy relationship

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Clutter can lead to stress and tension so ensure there is enough storage. (Pixabay pic)

Those who have just moved in with a spouse or partner are probably sharing a home together for the first time. This is a new phase in life and there is a lot of adjusting to be done.

Both will have to change some habits to suit this new lifestyle. Many people may not be aware, but home design and décor can affect relationships in a subconscious manner.

So, to ensure a harmonious home life, pay attention to these aspects of your space:

1. Clear the clutter

Mess and clutter have been shown to lead to more stress and tension in the home.

Make sure there is enough storage space in the shared home to put away the clutter.

A neat, organised home will lead to feelings of relaxation and comfort, which is what home is all about.

2. Create a cosy, comfortable space

Create a cosy atmosphere that encourages cuddling up together. (Pixabay pic)

Stark homes with hard bare floors and uncomfortable chairs are not good for couples.

Throw in a squishy couch, drapes for the windows and carpets on the floors to encourage getting cuddly during movie nights spent in front of the television.

3. Choose warm colours for intimacy

Warm hues in the bedroom create the best atmosphere. (Pinterest pic)

Colours can affect mood, and in choosing a colour for the bedroom stay away from white, beige, shades of green and grey as these colours have been shown to discourage intimacy.

Go instead for browns, caramels and warm hues as this creates the best atmosphere.

4. Separate the workspace

A defined workspace helps create separation when one is working from home. (Pinterest pic)

For those working from home, create a separate workspace from the areas shared with your other half.

This will ensure that you do not get distracted with work when you are supposed to be spending time together.

If possible, have the home office in a separate room away from the bedroom or living room. This will help in managing time better and minimise overlapping.

5. Have a balance of styles

Balance the tastes and interests of both separately and together, such as setting up a crafting room. (Pinterest pic)

Make sure the home reflects the tastes of both partners in equal measure.

Make sure each one gets the space to pursue their own hobbies, such as a music room or a small reading corner.

Have spaces for things you both like to do together, like maybe a board game table or a crafting corner.

6. Remember, it is not just a house

The home is an expression of the people who live in it. (Pixabay pic)

To make a space a true home, it needs to have character. Choose a decorating theme both can identify with and feel truly comfortable with.

Fill the home with interesting knick-knacks from one’s travels and find ways to make the space speak for both.

A home is a place where a couple should feel they belong, and not just a place to sleep and eat.

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