How to creatively dress up a blank wall on a budget

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Old baskets and food covers can be used to decorate a wall. (Houzz pic)

Sometimes, it suddenly dawns on you that there is a huge empty space on the wall. Maybe you spot it when you’re moving in or even years later that you realise that something is not quite right. This is the perfect canvas for an artistic home project.

Here are some tips to inexpensively fill up those blank spaces.

Old baskets or food covers

Rattan or bamboo food covers that are sitting around collecting dust can be put to good use by repainting them and hanging them up on the wall. Place them on the floor to achieve the desired placing and look and then hang them up. They are lightweight and easy to hang.


Simple murals can brighten up a wall. ( pic)

Murals can be minimalistic, yet profound and attractive. Paint a mural using not more than two or three colours.

Keep it as simple as possible and keep the colours in harmony with the rest of the room’s furnishings and decorations.

Those who are not confident about painting free hand could use a stencil purchased from an art supply store.

Fairy lights and photos

Fairy lights with pictures can personalise a home. (Live Home pic)

Fairy lights are affordable and can easily be strung across any blank wall space. They are light enough to hang with blue tack or tape. Hang photos or pictures from the wires, clipping them on with small pegs. Just be careful not to clip on anything too heavy.

Dried flowers

Lend a touch of natural beauty with dried flowers. (Pinterest pic)

Flowers do not have to be bought. Harvest some from your garden or the wild and hang them upside down on a blank wall.

These will last for about three months, after which they will have to be changed for another batch. These flowers will lend a touch of natural beauty to the room.

Odd plates

Gather a few odd plates and arrange them on a wall to create something new. ( pic)

Do not throw away odd plates that do not match the dining set. Gather a few together and group them on a blank wall. Plates are versatile and can be arranged creatively to express something new.

DIY paper art

Learn to fold origami and group them on the wall. (Meuble Garten pic)

It’s a wonder what a few pieces of folded paper can do. With origami, 3D shapes that are lightweight and easily put up on a wall can be created. From birds to goldfish, geometric shapes to butterflies, the only limit is one’s own imagination. It is worth the effort to learn a new paper craft.

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