9 simple yet clever design tricks to transform your home

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There’s no need for a major interior overhaul with these cool tricks. (Rawpixel pic)

A little sprucing up of your living space is necessary from time to time. That being said, the simplest things can make the greatest impact.

Whether it is an addition of a mirror, painting, poster or even some greenery, there are some well-known interior design tricks that most designers use, all with minimal effort and cost.

Take a look at these nine simple ways with which you can elevate your living space.

1. A fresh coat of paint

The general rule is to pick a bright and neutral colour, unless you have a specific theme in mind. (Rawpixel pic)

The living room of the average mid-range three-bedroom condo may not be as large as one might like it to be and tend to feel crowded.

To maximise small living spaces, play around with light-coloured wall tones and an abundance of natural light to make the room seem bigger than its actual size.

Darker colours, on the other hand, will make a room appear smaller and confined. Even with a lot of natural light, the opacity of darker walls makes a room feel boxed in.

Tip: Interior designers always recommend classic blue, white, blush, burnt orange, hunter green and clay.

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Purely for decoration, not vanity. (Pexels pic)

Whether it is a wall full of mirrors or just one vintage-framed mirror, mirrors will always create the illusion of a larger space.

For larger rooms or any poorly lit room, placing mirrors directly across from the windows will be able to add more natural light to the room.

You can also use decorative mirrors to fill up empty wall spaces.

Tip: Mirrors make an excellent addition to a windowless room.

3. Mix up objects, old and new

There’s nothing tacky about family heirlooms. (Pexels pic)

Family heirlooms remain an important part of decorating your home.

It is perfectly fine to place that white ceramic stool passed down to you alongside your very modern couch. Plus, anything acquired by family bequest tells a story of your past.

So, don’t be afraid to mix things up now and then; the past and present should be able to coexist in a lovely way when done right.

Tip: Mixing old and new furniture will show that the house has evolved.

4. Slip it on

Protect and primp your sofas. (Pexels pic)

Slipcovers are truly wonderful creations. They are the easiest items in your home that you can change from season to season with minimal effort.

Easily removed, these coverings allow you to have an elegant or classy look without worrying about anyone ruining the furniture or spilling wine on them.

In a home where children running free and sometimes armed with marker pens, slipcovers are essential in keeping your furniture clean.

Tip: When choosing new slipcovers, make sure they are machine-washable so you can easily clean them when they get too dirty.

5. Baskets as centerpieces

Baskets add a certain rustic charm to any space. (Rawpixel pic)

Rattan or even wicker baskets are a cost-effective and ingenious way to add storage to any room.

They can be used to store and display books or magazines, toys, towels, blankets and other items that might add to clutter.

Make use of small rattan or wicker baskets on kitchen counter-tops to gorgeously display and store fruit and vegetables as a centerpiece.

Tip: Oversized baskets are fantastic for laundry or children’s toys.

6. Decorate with what you already have

Time to put every little thing to good use. (Pexels pic)

We all have long-forgotten items tucked away somewhere, like past wedding presents or a box full of trinkets from the thrift shop. Before you run to that new home décor store for another ‘something new’, take a step back and look at what you already have.

Trays, old fish bowls, decorative coasters or even candleholders can be placed on surfaces to add dimension and texture to your living space.

Art from children’s books and old refurbished plates can be hung on walls to give a more lived-in feel as well.

Tip: Schedule some time to raid the storage room. You’d be amazed at what you would find.

7. Hanging pot racks

Storing your pots this way is better than stacking them up next to the sink. (Rawpixel pic)

Besides the bedroom, the kitchen is the second most-used space in every household.

Since a significant amount of time is spent here, be it for preparing meals, serving meals or entertaining, the kitchen should be inviting and warm.

A hanging pot rack will add a touch of elegance to the kitchen and make it feel as though it is in constant use.

In addition to looking fantastic, you can use up the additional cupboard space to store other items, which means more space for more stuff!

Tip: You can even turn curtain rods into a hanging pot rack.

8. Plants for the soul

There’s no such thing as too many plants. (Pexels pic)

It’s always a good idea to add some greenery to your living space. Place plants in every room if you could!

It doesn’t matter if they are small or large plants, just place one or a few pots in each room.

Plants have always been an inexpensive way to spruce up and accessorise your space. Apart from adding some colour and texture, they can also clean household air and absorb pollutants.

Tip: The best home plants are the Snake Plant (otherwise known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue), Spider Plant and the Aloe Vera.

9. Rugs to soften floors

Rugs are something your pets will enjoy too. (Pexels pic)

Hardwood floors are gorgeous and easy to care for but they lack the comfort and warmth a nice throw rug can offer.

Area rugs can add a dash of personality to your living space while providing some softness for the floors.

They also add great texture, colour and personality to your living space. Just like slipcovers, the possibilities with rugs are endless.

You can mix it up with different patterns or textures, or even use them as a statement to reflect the season.

Tip: Avoid the ‘floating rug’ effect, where a rug is placed in the middle of a huge space without touching any furniture.