4 tips on how to select the right curtains for your home

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Putting some thought into the aesthetic of your curtains can elevate your space. (Pottery Barn pic)

Choosing curtains for the home is not complicated but it pays to put some thought and effort into it.

Instead of just looking at the design, consider the practical requirements and whether you are combining them with blinds or any other decorative elements.

Here are some tips on how to make the smart choice of curtains and avoid any curtain disasters.

1. Get your measurements right

Getting the measurements right is the first, most important step in installing new curtains. (WCMA pic)

Make sure you take accurate and complete measurements. First, determine the length and width of the window that is to be draped.

Try your best to be as accurate as possible, as any sloppy or haphazard measurements might just mess up the dimensions of the curtains. After all, you do not want a massive overhang or a shortage, and that means another round of hard work.

Plus, getting the dimensions right is key in making the living space appear polished. A simple technique is to double or triple the measurement of the width to ensure the curtains come together nicely in the middle without gaping.

2. Select fabrics that suit the style and effect

The type of material determines how the curtains will fall. (Rawpixel pic)

This is probably what people have the most fun with once the measurements are done – choosing the style, design and type of curtain. Since it is your home and your space, feel free to be as creative and colourful as you want.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The fabric and cutting will determine the look, while the type of material determines how the curtains will fall – too heavy and they might not fold crisply, too light and they may not fall evenly.

Silk, faux silk or taffeta are usually used for a longer hang, producing a dramatic and classy feel. Softer fabrics such as cotton and linen are meant to hang a little shorter so that they barely graze the floor.

If the curtains are to be attached to unique and custom rods, extra care must be taken for the hang. Be sure to tell your interior designer about this during the planning and design stages.

3. Aside from being pretty, make sure they’re also practical

Sheer curtains are mainly decorative but can be combined with blinds to block the sunlight. (Pexels pic)

When deciding on the curtains, it is important to consider their purpose and function. In addition to their aesthetic value, curtains are used to block out sunlight or create privacy.

Blocking the sunlight is particularly important here in hot and humid tropical Malaysia, so you can add a few extra centimetres of curtain around the windows that will prevent the light from creeping in at the sides and bottom of the curtains.

Otherwise, you can consider insulated curtains, which can prevent draughts and trap cool air in the house.

Do keep in mind that although sheer curtains are beautiful, they are mainly decorative. So, use wooden or bamboo blinds, or thicker drapes, to complement the sheers and block out the sunlight.

4. Opt for custom window treatments if needed

Custom panels provide opportunities for you to inject personality into your home. (Love Property pic)

Custom panels are made specifically to the window dimensions and create a tailored look, especially when awkwardly-shaped windows or spaces are involved.

For this, you may need to consult an interior designer. Kaodim has interior designers on call to assist you with selecting curtains that can fit tricky spaces, so feel free to throw in some suggestions regarding the colour and style while you’re at it.

Remember, the designs on custom panels are only limited to your imagination.

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