Turn a house into a home for under RM55,000

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Need a little inspiration on how to renovate or remodel your house? Keep on reading. (Unsplash pic)

Home renovations, both small and large-scale, have many benefits. Whether it is a revamp of a couple of rooms or a total remodel, the home will feel refreshed and renewed, and it will improve the resale value.

Renovation projects can be stressful, so seek out a good, reliable contractor to help with budgeting and planning.

Here are a few renovation projects that cost under RM55,000 for inspiration.

1. A stunning Airbnb SoHo unit in Jalan Ampang

Spaces in this loft are separated using wall colour and curtains. (R.Works pic)

Once an open space with no walls and no rooms, this spacious loft is now a stylish and sophisticated short-term accommodation for families or couples.

After an interior overhaul, this SoHo unit offers modern luxury at its finest. It features an expansive, visually pleasing living room with cosy mood hues.

Renovation cost: RM33,748

A small bedroom appears more spacious with a large mirror on the wall. (R.Works Interior Design pic)
Light flooring and walls create a restful place to sleep. (R.Works Interior Design pic)

2. Two-bedroom RUMAWIP in Setapak

Neutral colours make the living room seem larger. (R.Works Interior Design pic)

Built for the modern family, this show unit was transformed with a spacious living room layout that is visually pleasing, complemented by bright, eye-popping hues of yellow and blue.

Renovation cost: RM50,000

The modern kitchen is tucked away in a corner. (R.Works Interior Design pic)
Yellow walls, a bright blue table and a colourful duvet create a light-hearted sleeping space. (R.Works Interior Design pic)

3. Two-bedroom apartment at South View Serviced Apartments, Bangsar South

A super functional kitchen allows the owner to socialise while cooking dinner for friends. (Lebeau Interiors pic)

This 648 sq ft studio in Bangsar South packs a punch with built-in kitchen cabinets, TV console and sliding wardrobe doors to maximise all available space.

The unique honeycomb mirrors act as a focal point between the living room and kitchen while the textured wall creates depth and personalises the home design.

Renovation cost: RM35,000

Honeycomb mirrors separate the dining area from the living room. (Lebeau Interiors pic)
Sliding wardrobe doors in the sleeping area make sure all available space is used. (Lebeau Interiors pic)

4. Studio at Galleria Equine Park, Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors create an illusion of space. (Seven Design pic)

Everyone loves a clutter-free home, especially a clean and polished design like this.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors provide an illusion of space and ncreases the appeal of the home while the bold black bathroom doors provide a transition between the living and bedroom spaces.

Renovation cost: RM50,000

Black bathroom doors separate the bathroom from the living room. (Seven Design pic)

5. Studio at Summer Suite in Kuala Lumpur

A brick wall provides a warm industrial vibe. (Amorphous Design pic)

Rustic and inviting, this 495 sq ft condo in Kuala Lumpur has an open floor plan.

Perfect for those who want to add some personality to their space, the floor-to-ceiling brick wall, wooden cabinetry and chrome accessories give this industrial-inspired home a unique touch with a modern edge.

Renovation cost: RM25,000

A work space is neatly tucked away. (Amorphous Design pic)

6. 3+1 Bedroom at Anjali North Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Shades of white and grey create the illusion of space while wainscoting adds interest. (OctoBuilders pic)

To expand a small space or lighten up the atmosphere, use neutral shades such as whites or greys.

In this home, shades of pristine white provide fresh, modern tranquility while additional detailing in the wainscoting adds luxury and a sophisticated charm.

Renovation cost: RM55,000

Earth-toned wooden furniture and floors create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. (OctoBuilders pic)

7. Single bedroom unit in Nadi Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Subdued colours create a calm and graceful ambience. (Chemistry Design Studio pic)

Ever wondered how to design a home that will never go out of style?

Take a closer look at this home in Nadi Bangsar with custom-made cabinetry for a purposeful and well-built interior that will last for years to come.

Plus, the subdued beige colours nurture a calm and graceful ambience.

Renovation cost: RM30,000

Custom-built cabinetry to the ceiling offers a lot of storage in a small space. (Chemistry Design Studio pic)

8. Four-bedroom condo at Reflection Residence, Petaling Jaya

The stark white kitchen is accented with black. (You Home Design pic)

The nordic appeal is becoming a trend in Malaysian homes. Using mostly white with touches of black, blue and grey, it creates a clean look for a good clutter-free look in this home design.

With stunning Scandinavian furniture and contemporary lighting, this four-bedroom condominium makes the most of the natural light.

Renovation cost: RM45,000

Accents of blue create warmth and interest in a design that makes full use of natural light. (You Home Design pic)

9. Three-Bedroom condo at BSP Skypark, Selangor

The stylish built-in bed makes the space look larger. (R.Works Interior Design pic)

Built-in fittings take away the hassle of arranging and rearranging the furniture.

With ample built-in storage, the apartment cleverly utilises white-clad walls and wooden fixtures for a harmonious and dynamic setting. Each zone has practical storage and offers a great aesthetic.

Renovation cost: RM46,000

Each zone has its own storage solutions. (R.Works Interior Design pic)

10. Two-bedroom condo at Suria Residence, Bukit Jelutong

A pop of colour in the kitchen adds interest. (Constex Builders pic)

Working with a limited budget can be challenging, but it should not prevent anyone from maximising the potential of their home.

Completed with just a few tweaks and additions, such as installing a partition between the wet and dry kitchen, ambient lighting, built-in cabinets and a tray ceiling, these additions offer simplicity and style.

Renovation cost: RM22,000

A cabinet separates the kitchen from the rest of the house, while a tray ceiling adds elegance. (Constex Builders pic)

11. Two-storey landed property in Cheras

Monochromatic colours are appreciated for their simplicity and sense of harmony. (IIKO Concept)

Monochromatic designs are appreciated for their simplicity and sense of harmony. Because they are all variations of the same hue, monochromatic colours look perfectly at home with one another.

With a clear vision on budget, style and materials, this home is complemented by quality leather settees and cabinetry to enhance its Scandinavian-inspired interior that features clean lines and bright spaces.

Renovation cost: RM40,000

A bright spread contrasts with the neutrals in the bedroom. (IIKO Concept)

12. Three-bedroom condo at Parkhill Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Ceiling lights cast a warm glow over the earth tones and marble of the condominium. (Lebeau Interiors pic)

An earthy ambience, if done correctly, can create a luxurious atmosphere. This is exactly what was done in this residence, where beige tones and pops of yellow draw the eyes and guide visitors through the space.

The use of carpentry and marble flooring, on the other hand, creates a sense of calmness and elegance.

Remodel cost: RM50,000

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