5 items to chuck out of the house

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Use your time at home to get rid of things that have either gone beyond its expiry date and which are messing up the place. (Rawpixel pic)

Staying at home can get so boring, doing the same old tasks day in, day out, and staring at all the clutter.

Now there’s an idea.

Use the some of the time spent at home under the Conditional Movement Control Order to declutter your home and organise it so it looks spic and span.

Here are just a few of the things you should get rid of.

1. Expired beauty products

Makeup has expiry dates, and old products can cause facial outbreaks and other problems. (Rawpixel pic)

Maybe hanging on to your old makeup and beauty products keeps you optimistic about being able to spend a night on the town with friends and family once the CMCO is lifted.

But you should know that these products have an expiry date.

Using expired beauty products will have the opposite effect of what they are meant to do and can cause breakouts or skin irritation.

They also take up space. Go through your beauty products and chuck out the ones that have expired.

2. Damaged wires

Damaged electrical wires and cables can cause dangerous shocks. (Pinterest/ifixit.com)

There is absolutely no reason to keep old and damaged wires and cables lying around the house.

They are not only a waste of space and look unsightly but they also can be a tripping hazard if not stored properly.

Faulty or damaged wires and cables are dangerous to use, so keep the family safe by getting rid of them.

3. Old receipts

Throw away old receipts and neatly file the ones that need to be kept. (Pixabay pic)

No matter if you crumple them up or fold them nicely, receipts are untidy. Just get rid of them.

The only exceptions are receipts for items with an active warranty, bank receipts, vouchers or tax claimable receipts.

File these receipts away neatly to avoid misplacing and losing them. You would not want to have to turn the whole house over just to find that receipt for your malfunctioning television.

4. Leftover food and condiments

Old leftovers in a smelly fridge can be a health hazard. (Pinterest/thekitchn.com)

Does it look like a warzone in your fridge and why does it smell so bad?

Keeping leftovers is a good habit to save money and not waste food, but it is a bad habit to not eat your leftovers and leave them to rot.

An easy tip to keep track of your leftovers is to label them with the date you placed the food in the fridge.

This way you will know what should be eaten first and what should be thrown out.

5. Expired medication

Expired medication must be disposed of properly. (Rawpixel pic)

How long has that cough syrup been in the fridge? Just like food, and makeup, medicine too has an expiry date.

It is best not to consume any expired medication and risk falling sick again or worsening your illness.

Throwing out old medicine ensures that what you are taking is efficacious and, like everything else on this list, it helps to declutter the home. But you cannot simply chuck it in the bin.

Pour liquids in a sealed bag and mix with other items to make them unrecognisable before placing them in the bin, do not pour them down the toilet bowl or sink.

Scratch any personal information off of pill bottles before throwing them away.

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