Here’s why your air conditioner smells bad

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Does your air conditioner smell bad for unexplained reasons? (Kaodim pic)

Have you ever wondered what is that awful smell coming from your air conditioner? You seem to have tried everything, and matter what kind of freshener you use to spray the room with, that musty smell never seems to go away. What could possibly be plaguing it?

Well, it’s about time you found out.

1. Dust, mildew and mould

Clean the filters every other month to prevent dust and mould from building up. (Impiana pic)

Is there a funky, stale smell coming from your air conditioner? If it smells mouldy, the most likely cause is the accumulation of water in the drain pan or drip lines. Another reason could be a clogged air filter.

It is recommended to have your air filter cleaned every other month to ensure the unit is working efficiently and so it is not just recirculating dust around the house.

2. Overheating parts

Does it smell like something is burning when you turn on your air conditioner? If so, turn it off and get a professional to check it as soon as possible. It is possible some components in the unit are actually burning.

This can be caused by dust that has settled in the unit after a long period of inactivity. Kaodim has professionals on standby to troubleshoot and maintain your air conditioner.

3. Leaking gas

Gas can leak from the unit into the ductwork and cause a smell. (Kluje pic)

Another alarming smell is that of gas leaking from the air conditioner. Turn off the unit immediately and, just to be sure, check that the smell is not coming from the gas cooker.

The smell of gas coming from the air conditioner means that gas is leaking into the ductwork. Call in a professional to check the system and determine the problem.

It is important to service and maintain your air conditioners regularly to prevent problems and nip any defects in the bud. Should you encounter and problems with your unit, Kaodim’s air conditioning specialists are always standing by.

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