9 innovative ideas for a well-functioning kitchen

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Keeping the kitchen running like a smooth machine makes cooking easy and enjoyable. (Rawpixel pic)

To many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home – it’s where nourishing and delicious food is cooked to feed both and soul, and where the family often gathers to enjoy a hot meal after a long and tiring day at work or school.

Therefore, keeping the kitchen running like a smooth machine is important if you spend a lot of time in it.

Here are nine innovative, practical and efficient kitchen ideas to ensure a well-functioning kitchen.

(L) Pull-out waste and recycling cabinet. (beautyandtheminibeasts.com pic) (R) Customised cutlery tray. (Pinterest pic)

1. Pull-out waste and recycling cabinet

A pull-out waste and recycling cabinet is much better than a regular garbage bin, in both style and functionality. This one can easily be tucked away under the sink.

2. Customised cutlery tray

Customising a cutlery tray keeps knives, forks and spoons well organised so you do not have to hunt around when you’re in a hurry.

(L) Pull-out waste and recycling cabinet. (Pinterest pic) (R) Coffee station. (Pinterest pic)

3. Cookbook shelves

If you have a smaller kitchen and not enough countertop space for your favourite cookbooks, build shelves on the sides of the cabinets. This also perks up the décor with the bright colours of the cookbook covers.

4. Coffee station

Create a coffee station that has everything you need and tucks away tidily when not in use. This coffee station is built inside the kitchen cabinet using a push and pull system.

(L) Broom storage. (houzz.com pic) (R) Baking tray storage. (Pinterest pic)

5. Broom closet

Even the slimmest space can be used for storage. Build a tall, shallow cabinet to store brooms, mops and folding chairs.

6. Baking tray storage above the oven

This baking tray storage solution above the oven is one for the bakers. It has an individual divider for each baking tray to keep things neat and tidy.

(L) Under cabinet pet feeding bowls. (Pinterest pic) (R) Dish towel rack. (flickr.com pic)

7. Under cabinet pet feeding bowls

Make use of the space under the cabinets to keep pet feeding bowls out of the way. Simply slide them out during mealtime and tuck them back in for the rest of the day.

8. Dish towel rack

Towels and dishcloths can look untidy just lying around the kitchen without a dedicated space. This built-in towel rack will help keep them organised and easier to dry.

9. Corner cabinet pull-out rack

Similar to a Lazy Susan, this solution utilises every inch of space in the corner cabinet. (tomhowley.co.uk pic)

Similar to the Lazy Susan corner kitchen rack, this corner cabinet pull-out rack is another great idea to use every inch of space.

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