Which is best – living alone or having a housemate?

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Sometimes living with a housemate positively rocks. (Rawpixel pic)

Moving into a new place where almost everything is unfamiliar can be a scary yet exciting experience.

You’ll need to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings, adapt to a new routine and meet new people.

So, is it better to live alone or with a housemate? Well, that would depend on your personality and personal preferences.

There are plus points to both as the lists below show.

Why living with a housemate positively rocks

Provided you find the right person who clicks with you and complements your personality, living with a roommate can be a rather rewarding experience.

1. Saves money

Sharing a space with others helps you save money.

Firstly, you get to live in a bigger space at a more affordable price as you will be sharing expenses such as rent and utility bills with them.

Furthermore, you can also save on grocery expenses as cooking bigger portions of food saves more money compared to cooking for only one.

Cooking bigger portions of food at one go saves money in the long run. (Rawpixel pic)

2. Companionship

Starting a new life in a new place can have its ups and downs. If you have a housemate, you’ll have an outlet to open up about your day or enjoy some much-needed distraction should you have something weighing heavy on your mind.

In contrast, if you live alone, it’s harder to stop thinking and worrying about your problems.

Even if you’re not close with your housemate, it might be a relief to know that someone else is around to help you feel less lonely.

3. A lighter workload

When living with a housemate, you can work together and split the house-cleaning chores so you do not feel over-burdened by having to do everything on your own plus attend to work matters.

Rather than do the housework alone, having a housemate means these chores can be split down the middle. (Rawpixel pic)

Solid reasons why living alone is the ultimate dream

Some people are just happier with their own company because they value their personal time and crave for the freedom to live as they please.

1. Privacy and personal space

Perhaps you prefer coming home to relax in your own quiet space or enjoy alone time. Living alone allows you to have full privacy and personal space.

Imagine having the entire space to yourself to do with as you please instead of sharing common spaces and facilities with someone else.

Moreover, living alone means there are no interruptions or distractions, leaving you to do as you wish.

Living alone affords you privacy and freedom to do as you please, when you please. (Rawpixel pic)

2. Complete freedom

Living alone gives you complete control over your place. For instance, you can have guests over without worrying about how your housemates may feel about it.

You are able to live without worrying about someone owing their share of the rent or causing a mess in the house. You get to also have full control over how to furnish, decorate or manage your place.

However, living alone means managing all household chores by yourself instead of splitting them with someone else. To reduce this burden, you may outsource house cleaning services to reduce your workload.

Whether you’ve chosen to live alone or move in with a housemate, weigh the pros and cons of doing either, then embark on this wonderful journey and make the most of it.

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