4 quirky kitchen-laundry room ideas for tight spaces

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Here is a great way to incorporate a laundry room within the kitchen.

If you’re looking for laundry room ideas, or to fit your washer and dryer in your home, why not try placing them in the kitchen?

For one, the kitchen can handle the traffic demands of a laundry area. And since kitchens already have electrical and plumbing facilities available, you don’t have to worry about renovating the area to fit your laundry demands.

Plus, more and more Malaysian households have dryers with their washing machines as many live in high-rise units with no balcony for sun-drying. Another reason is that dryers let you dry your clothes without the risk of rain.

However, having both a washing machine and dryer can occupy a lot of floor space, so it’s not surprising to find washing machines/dryers tucked under kitchen countertops, inside cabinets, or stacked right next to refrigerators.

Excited yet?

Here are some kitchen-laundry room ideas that you can use.

1. Stack on top of one another

This dryer and washing machine are stacked on top of each other in a bid to save space in a tiny kitchen.

Although small kitchens typically lack space, you can still take advantage of the height of your ceiling.

First, stack your dryer vertically on top of your front-loading washing machine. Then, squeeze both into a corner of your kitchen. This helps to fit two machines in one space-saving way.

2. Store inside a kitchen cupboard or cabinet

Keep all signs of your washing machine and dryer away from sight by tucking both inside a kitchen cupboard.

Unless you have a stylish, space-age washing machine, you probably don’t want your guests to see these appliances in your kitchen.

If you have a front-loading washer and a dryer, stack them on one another, then hide both inside a customised cabinet.

You can also install some shelves to place your laundry essentials and make use of the space above.

3. Store beneath the kitchen countertop

If you have space beneath a kitchen countertop, store your washing machine there and use the countertop space to fold your laundry.

Have extra space beneath your countertop and don’t know what to fill it with?

One of the more common kitchen-laundry room ideas is to slot the washing machine beneath the kitchen countertop.

This way, you can use the countertop space above to fold your clothes as well as place your laundry basics.

Another way is to squeeze it close to the sink area so that you can use the sink to hand wash delicate laundry.

4. Store in the wet kitchen area

A washing machine can easily be stored in a wet kitchen area.

Many homes in Malaysia separate the kitchen into dry and wet areas.

The dry kitchen is usually for preparation of snacks and drinks, and is nearest to the dining area.

Meanwhile, the wet kitchen is the place for stir-frying, baking and raw food preparation.

As the wet kitchen is usually isolated from the living area as it can get noisy during heavy cooking, placing your washing machine in this spot is a good idea to keep all the noisy appliances in a closed-off area.

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