Intentional living: the new skill of the modern family

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Leisure Farm Resort is home to over 700 residents, living a wholesome and serene life enjoying 50 acres of community space such as this 12-acre Canal Park.

From young, we have been conditioned to go for gold, get the best grades, make money, and preferably live in a bungalow (freehold, not leasehold). While life is undeniably fast paced, many thrive on an existence of less drama and more authenticity.

Since real estate prices relative to income are not the same as it was a generation ago, how would you, as a millennial (born 1981–1995), make the most of your lifestyle given current market opportunities?

While you may have heard of the term “intentional living”, chances are you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience it first-hand. Essentially, it’s about evaluating home decisions based on need, practicality, and purpose versus tradition, status, and pleasing others.

On the back of Covid-19, you’ve been forced to re-evaluate your home and your lifestyle. But how do you harness this knowledge into making new plans, and bringing them to fruition?

The answer is to start creating your intentional lifestyle.

Marc Lee, Executive Director of the 1,700-acre Leisure Farm Resort in Johor, shares his insights and observations and what we can learn from this unique community developed by Mulpha International Bhd in the 1990s.

This mature development is home to a community of over 700 residents who are living out their desires and needs for a wholesome, serene life.

Intentional living focuses on experiences that create meaning for you and your family at every stage of your life.

Growing to understand your needs and what truly matters to you

To create a masterplan of the next 10 or 20 years, start by determining who you are and what you want from life.

Marc shares his strong beliefs in practising intentional living. The takeaway: it does not have to come at a high expense, just a re-prioritisation of your current and future resources.

According to Marc, intentional living is about finding the things that fulfil you, that allow you to live your most efficient life. Creating and making use of every space in your home is part of that journey.

“Whether you are a family of four, five, or six, we do the best with the space we have. If we compare ourselves to countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore, Malaysians are lucky to have home ownership opportunities in excess of 2,000 square feet.

That being said, Covid-19 has taught us to start building spaces that give us the most utility and enjoyment. That not only includes how our home is set up and the items we purchase, but the availability of greenery and community spaces where we can interact, all within a single vicinity.

Leisure Farm Resort is the pioneer in the double gated and guarded community concept in Malaysia.

Creating your own joy

When you learn how to lead your lives with a goal, purpose and meaning, it allows you to tap into a certain power.

No one has the same career path, state of health, or family circumstances. However even if you have all the above, it does not guarantee happiness.

What makes people “happy” is a subjective definition that changes throughout the course of your life.

Happiness is connected to the way you think, act, and interact with the world. To make the intentional lifestyle choice, you need to know what makes you, your family and even your pet happy!

Children at Leisure Farm Resort have the freedom to explore, make friends and grow up in a safe environment without the obstructions that come with city living.

Choosing an environment that inspires you

Intentional living is a focus on experiences that create meaning for you and your family, at all stages of your life.

Built on the principles of sustainability, energy, environment, design and security, Leisure Farm Resort is a pioneer in the eco-living concept.

Its natural landscape and biodiversity have evolved over time, with many surviving trees over 25 years old in the approximately 50 acres of community spaces.

“The community in this area thrives on this. Whether you have the largest house in the estate, or the more modest ones, each person has equal access and enjoyment to the same facilities and community spaces,” says Marc.

Some millennials chase instant gratification in the form of material goods, travel and trends, but intentional living is about using the same resources to invest in the space we have been confined to during the pandemic, our home.

Carefully planned and designed homes at Leisure Farm Resort fully integrate its natural surroundings.

You’re better able to take risks for yourself and your family

An intentional lifestyle offers a shortcut to weighing what matters against what doesn’t.

After living in a society that pushes the superficial and dictates your worth by the income you earn, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that really matter.

“Expatriates and families who choose to live at our development have taken an intentional risk, whether in their careers, businesses, or choice of schools for their children. Malaysians however, take much lower risks as we tend to stay within the environment we grow up in.

“We created the infrastructure for families to make their intentional lifestyle choice, it is our job as the developer to continue to facilitate it.”

When choosing a property, we often close our minds and chase the lowest price per square foot or consider those that give the best financing packages. However, modern home buyers should be looking for the details that meet their intentional lifestyle needs and not the status that comes along with it e.g. terrace, semi-D, bungalow.

Marc says children at Leisure Farm Resort have the freedom to explore, make friends and grow up in a safe environment, without the stresses of city living. They also enjoy the best Malaysia and Singapore has to offer.

With schools of high repute nearby and access to all you could possibly need, this lush locale, developed with the community in mind, is a great place for all ages.

Peace in your heart and clarity of mind

One of the most powerful things about intentional living is the peace and clarity you experience when making decisions, especially economic ones.

When you’re lost in the mess of modern life or a pandemic, intentional living provides a heightened sense of clarity and awareness to help open doors you never knew existed.