3 reasons why that light bulb is flickering

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A bulb that constantly flickers can be dangerous. (Pixabay pic)

Flickering light bulbs are a common household problem. Luckily, in most instances, there is an easy fix. Here are some reasons that light bulbs flicker and how to fix them.

1. Bulb type

Some bulb types flicker more than others. For instance, fluorescent lights tend to flicker more than LEDs. Low or high temperatures and ageing bulbs will cause fluorescent lights to flicker more often.

If your bulb is constantly flickering, it is time to replace it. If the new bulb continues to flicker, it could be a problem with your light fixture.

Fluorescent lights are more prone to flickering than others. (Pixabay pic)

2. Loose bulb

Bulbs that are not screwed in all the way or attached correctly may cause a weak electrical connection with the fixture. For fluorescent lights, rotate the tube and make sure the metal pins at the ends make good contact with the fixture.

If this does not work, your light fixture or socket may have worn out and cannot make good contact with the bulb. You will have to replace the socket or fixture completely.

3. Faulty lamp switch or plug

A bad connection in your lamp or fixture switch can result in flickering. To test this, wiggle the on/off switch and if the light dims as you do this, your switch is probably faulty.

Sometimes the problem might lie with the fixture switch. (Pixabay pic)

Plug heads can also be a source of bad electrical connections. Your plug or electrical outlet might need to be replaced if they are not in good shape.

A flickering light is a small inconvenience that, if left unfixed, can be dangerous. In some cases you might need the help of an electrician to solve the problem.

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