How to beautify your bathroom for that touch of luxury

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Given how much time is spent in the bathroom, it should be a space where you can indulge and pamper yourself. (Envato Elements pic)

The last couple of years have all been about self-care – and what better way to do this than in a beautiful bathroom? Done up right, this space in your home can serve as a personal retreat where you can enjoy a hot shower, do some self-grooming, and let your mind wander!

From clever use of bathroom tiles and fixtures to colours, textures and materials, there are so many ways to achieve a luxurious and indulgent look. Here are some recommendations, and do check back in tomorrow for part two of this article.

1. Use wood textures

Wood is not limited to the living room or bedroom – incorporating wood textures and colours to your bathroom will add a natural feel and organic appeal, which helps to soften the hardness of ceramic tiles.

You can also use vinyl plank flooring with a wood-grain pattern to give it an outdoorsy vibe.

2. Add hidden lighting

Don’t rely on a single ceiling light; the right mix of bathroom lighting can transform a mundane space and add depth and dimension.

Under-cabinet lighting, for instance, helps to add details to the sink and countertop, or bounce light off the ceiling to create a flattering glow.

Ambient lighting around the mirror helps when you need to apply your makeup, and hidden lighting at the bottom of cabinets can be set to turn on automatically when you enter in the middle of the night. It also creates a neat floating effect.

Designer mirrors and clever lighting can add style and warmth to a bathroom. (Envato Elements pic)

3. Add a designer mirror

Any type of mirror is essential in the bathroom for everyday tasks like brushing your teeth or putting on makeup. But mirrors can inject style and glamour, add more depth to the room, and create a focal point.

Mirrors designed for the bathroom are usually frameless to maximise space, and can also come with lights built around them.

4. Hang artwork

If you have a section of blank wall in your bathroom, why not display some artwork? These could be framed photos from your travels, art posters, or paintings… anything that fits your style!

It gives the bathroom a finished feel and makes the space much more comfortable.

5. Build your faucet and shower mixers into the wall

This is a great way to maximise bathroom space and hide installation hardware, as fewer exposed pipes will make the room look larger and cleaner. Your interior designer, however, will need to plan for this carefully for the piping to match the location of the fixtures.

6. Add a unique conversation piece

Add an eye-catching item to your bathroom that will serve as a focal point. It could be a small piece of furniture, a chandelier, or a designer bathroom fixture.

One great idea is to install a mosaic-patterned ceramic bathroom sink to create a surprising pop of colour and texture without taking up too much space, or sinks with unique and unusual designs.

A unique sink will help draw the eye and beautify the space, while wood features create an organic and natural feel. (Envato Elements pic)

7. Add a bathtub or jacuzzi

A luxurious tub or jacuzzi is the ultimate way to relax and unwind. Add one to your master bathroom so you can indulge in a little pampering and enjoy a spa day, every day!

8. Add gold or chrome accents

Standard bathroom taps come in chrome silver colours. But what about gold accents? Gold works especially well in a modern bathroom design, as it pairs wonderfully with white and gives off a luxurious vibe.

Alternatively, add gold trim to your cabinets, or along the walls. You could even replace the switch plates in your bathroom with gold-coloured ones.

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