New Year, new look: 4 more easy ways to liven up your bathroom

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Add greenery or a pop of colour to your bathroom to truly brighten up the space. ( pics)

As 2023 rolls around, it may be tempting to give certain parts of your home a makeover. Why not start with what is arguably the most important and oft-used space – the bathroom?

While renovations can be costly as plumbing and waterproofing work will need to be done, simple and smaller steps can be carried out to give your bathroom a much-needed facelift.

In addition to the four recommendations provided yesterday, here are more budget-friendly options that will allow you to liven up the most essential room in the home.

1. Add a pop of colour

You don’t have to keep everything in your bathroom a pristine white: pops of colour are a great way to add personality, and can be done in simple and affordable ways. Pick one colour or a range of shades to create an appealing look throughout the bathroom.

Colour can be added using accessories such as toothbrush holders and soap dispensers, or towels, rugs and baskets. Alternatively, add some potted plants (money plants are a good hard-to-kill choice) to create a green bathroom.

If, however, the design of your bathroom – such as the tile backsplash and fixtures – are already colourful, then consider accessorising with a neutral colour palette instead.

2. Repaint the walls and/or ceiling

While the floors and walls of your bathroom are likely covered by tiles, many bathrooms only tile halfway up the wall. For the un-tiled part of the walls and even the ceiling, you can add a fresh coat of paint.

Paint of any colour will undoubtedly give the space a fresh appearance, but you can take it one step further by playing around with tones, patterns, and colour placement.

Try using hues that contrast or complement the floor and wall tile of your bathroom, or choose black paint for drama. Pick unexpected colours, and try gradients for a cool look. Create patterns and designs for a statement wall if your bathroom layout allows for one.

A large mirror can create the illusion of more space, while a tiled backsplash makes for an interesting ‘feature wall’. ( pics)

Most people leave the ceiling of their bathroom white. It’s a common and boring look, so give it a different colour to add an interesting element to an otherwise plain-looking bathroom.

You can hire a handyman to help bring your vision alive, but it’s also a fun weekend do-it-yourself task.

3. Upgrade the bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirrors are meant to be functional, but this doesn’t mean they can’t elevate the appearance and atmosphere of the space. The right mirror can make a vast difference, especially when placed in the right position.

To make sure you pick the right one for your bathroom, consider your bathroom style, the overall size of the space, the use of the mirror, and where it will be hung.

A larger mirror can create the illusion of more space, but it should not look like it is being stuffed in there – so take measurements before purchasing.

The design and shape of the mirror will depend on the style you want for your bathroom, such as whether you’d like a vanity or full-length mirror.

4. Create a feature wall

If you’ve been wanting to remodel your bathroom to create interest in an otherwise simple common bathroom, then consider retiling the wall above your sink, or the far wall in your shower, and turning it into a “feature wall”.

You’d be surprised by how this one change will give the space a new look and feel. Start small by only changing the tile backsplash above the sink first, or go all out and do the entire shower area.

You will have a lot of fun and let your creativity come through with this budget-friendly redesign trick, and the possibilities are endless.

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